Tomadyne 102

Tomadyne 102

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Country of Origin︰United States

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Packing︰ 200kg/drum

Advantages︰ Tomadyne 102 surfactants are effective in both alkaline and acid cleaning formulations.
It is excellent
penetrants and wetting agents, and is especially good for removing greasy soils from hard surfaces.
General-purpose cleaners can be successfully formulated with Tomadyne surfactants.
Tomadyne 102
selection may depend on the other formulation components and the performance requirements of the
particular cleaning application. For example,
Tomadyne 102 offers greater formulating latitude and formulation stability when compounded with anionic detergent ingredients.
Gardner Hard Scrub Performance
conditions: oily/particulate soil, 0ppm
hardness, 10% product basis, 20 cycles
Tomadyne 102 surfactants is designed for use in hard surface and industrial cleaning formulations including transportation cleaners for cars, trucks, buses, aircraft, as well as metal cleaning detergents for soak tanks and high-pressure spray systems.