Paints, inks and varnishes : Co-solvent for water based paints, and solvent in oil based & glycerophtalic
paints used to increase the drying time.
Chemical synthesis : Used on polyurethane formulations to increase the polymer molecular weight.
Detergents, Lubricants : Synthesis intermediates in the manufacturing of additives.
Textile and leathers : Additive for spinning, dyeing, weaving of natural & synthetic fibers. Softening
agent, anti-wrinkle, anti-static – coemulsion agent. Solubilisation enhancer and wettability agent.
Fire Extinguisher foams : Used as solvent and stabiliser for hydrolysed protein based emulsions.
Pharmaceutical industry : Solvent of hydrophilic / hydrophobic molecules used during their extraction
from plants.
Others : Co-solvent in cleaning formulation for automotive industry. Used on aircraft industry to detect
scratches in metal pieces. Anti-freeze. For further information, please contact our technical services