Lugalvan G 35

Lugalvan G 35

型号︰Lugalvan G 35




最少订量︰120 KG



Lugalvan G35

LugalvanG35 is used to formulate brightener additives employed in the electroplating industry, especially as a polymeric basic brightener in zinc electrolytes. It is employed at a concentration of 0.5 – 5 g/l.
It is also used as a protective colloid in the chemical and allied industries.

Lugalvan G35
Physical form -----Slightly cloudy,colourless or yellowish liquid.
Concentration (BASF method derived from ISO 3251)-----48 – 52%
.Refractive index (DIN 51423, Part 2, 23 °C),------approx. 1.450.
Viscosity(BASF method derived from DIN 53211, 20 °C)---- 80 –130 s.
pH (BASF method derived from ISO 976, 10%)----10 –12.
Density (DIN 51757, ASTM D 1298, hydrometer, 23 °C)-------approx. 1.08 g/cm3.